Campaigns to Overrule Campus Gun Bans Have Failed in Many States

In Sara Lipka’s article “Campaigns to Overrule Campus Gun Bans Have Failed in Many States” (2008), the author investigates both those who support and those who oppose students being able to conceal carry handguns on college campuses. Lipka interviews professors, students, lawmakers, and police in order to get the view point of all stakeholders involved in this issue. The purpose of this article is to take a fresh look at the entire topic after one year of one of the most deadly college campus shootings occurred at Virginia Tech and it is in response to current legislation pushes in certain states that allows students to carry on campus. Judging by the amount and identity of first hand interviews and accounts, Lipka’s intended audience for this article are students and faculty members of Universities as well as parents whose children are currently in college.


I think this article was a perfect way to begin to look at the whole concealed carry on campus issue, especially since it was exactly one year after the Virginia Tech incident. It gave a fairly unbiased account of both sides to the argument and cited specific areas that these debates are currently taking place. Although the text in the article puts more of an emphasis on those who are trying to appeal anti-gun laws currently in favor of more students being able to carry on campus, the author does not specially take one side of the argument over another. The article related to me on a personal level when speaking about the former Marine who was attending college and personally felt safer carrying a firearm for his own protection. Formerly being in the Army myself, I too conceal carry my pistol on campus and it makes me feel more comfortable than if I were not to. Another strong part of this article was when Lipka gave the Policemen’s opinions on why they were anti-concealed carry. Rather than approach it from a position that solely talks about how other people may become uncomfortable with students carrying guns, the Policemen gave a compelling argument of individuals with a lack of training that could cause more harm than good. If Lipka would have included data in this article of surveys or statistics that favor one side of the argument, this would have been even a better foundation for one to look at both sides of the issue. However, I believe this is a good starting place for many to get first exposure to the controversy and is especially helpful since it provides both sides of the argument from first hand stakeholders.

-Kris Tive


Lipka, Sara. “Campaigns to Overrule Campus Gun Bans Have Failed in Many States.”The Chronicle of Higher Education. The Chronicle of Higher Education, 18 Apr. 2008. Web. 03 Feb. 2017.


3 thoughts on “Campaigns to Overrule Campus Gun Bans Have Failed in Many States

  1. I really love your take on this article. I love how the author took into account many stakeholders. I especially found the police officer’s opinion interesting. Coming from a law enforcement background myself, I can see why he is nervous about putting guns into the hands of someone that is less informed, and might cause more harm than good.


  2. I think this sounds like a great article to start with. I really like that it showed both sides of the argument to gain more insight about the whole argument. I also really like how this article talked about the stakeholders and interviewed them. I have not seen or read anything that talks exactly about what the stakeholders think, such as police officers and lawmakers. Most articles I have seen just discuss students and professors views, so this seems like an interesting article to read.


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