Guns on Campus: Overview

concealed-carry-image-1Guns on Campus: Overview

In Suzanne Hultin’s article titled, “Guns on Campus: Overview”, she asserts that since one of the most deadly shootings on a college campus in 2007, more states are passing laws that are allowing students to conceal carry on campus. Hultin supports her claim by stating that 24 states passed a legislation that allows for students to conceal carry on public, college campuses. Hultin also talks about Colorado, and how the state argued for student’s rights to conceal carry. Her purpose is to inform her audience about the different legislations in order to educate individuals that are interested in the topic of conceal carry. She is not arguing for one way or another, but she does give strong evidence that would suggest she is pro-conceal carry. As one finishes the article, it becomes clear that Hultin is writing to an extremely broad audience– mainly being college students across the United States of America. The article can also be interpreted to be aimed at any individual that is interested in the controversial topic of students carrying weapons on campus.

I found this article to be tremendously informative. I appreciated how she did not take a clear side, but rather Hultin wanted to inform her audience with statistics on states that have passed the conceal carry legislation. Her first sentence in her article grabs the audience’s attention, stating that the shooting at Virginia Tech University in 2007 sparked this entire conversation. I am looking forward to the different conversations that this debatable topic has to offer.

~ Ella Anderson

Hultin, Suzanne. “Guns on Campus: Overview.” NCSL. NCSL, 24 Jan. 2017. Web. 2 Feb. 2017.


3 thoughts on “Guns on Campus: Overview

  1. I really like how your first blog posted does not take a side but is a general overview of the topic that is fairly unbiased. That is a really good way to start investigating this issue and then later look at the arguments of each side.


  2. I agree with Kris that I also like how your article was more on the neutral side. It sounds like although the article was neutral that the author did somewhat show what she was leaning more towards. Even though she showed that she is leaning toward having concealed carry on campus she still made sure the majority was neutral. It also sounds like she had some interesting facts that I did not know, so that was interesting to learn! Overall, I think this was a great article, especially to start with.


  3. I took a minute to read this article for myself and I thought that this article was really informative i like how this article did not really take a stance but kind of laid out what is going on related to this situation.


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