Concealed in Our Classrooms

Nate Kreuter’s article “Concealed in Our Classrooms” suggests that it should be unlawful to permit the caring of a firearm on campus. He is against permitting students to carry on college campuses. Kreuter backs up his claim by giving examples of how this will negatively effect the situation if an active shooter was prominent on a college campus. Kreuter’s purpose of his argument is to point out a few ways that students with guns on campus is a bad thing. He does this to persuade anybody who is on the fence about this subject. Given the logical way Kreuter goes about his argument and the way he uses technical language, I would say that he is writing to fellow teachers and faculty at the university he teaches at.

I wanted to start off with an article that is against concealed carry on college campuses since I am for CC on college campuses. I think this article was good in the fact that Nate Kreuter is a professor at Western Californian University, where concealed carry is not permitted on the campus. This makes him a stakeholder in this issue. I thought it was interesting that he has guns and a CC permit himself but is against the matter. I think he had a good point when he said by having civilians acting on a scene just creates more confusion, however I would’ve liked to see him go more in depth and cite additional sources. All and all a fair article.

Kreuter, Nate. “Concealed in Our Classrooms.” The Key Arguments for Concealed Carry on Campuses Don’t Hold up. Inside Higher Education, 2 Apr. 2016. Web. 03 Feb. 2017.


3 thoughts on “Concealed in Our Classrooms

  1. I thought this was an especially interesting post since I had never heard of the Texas shooting in 1966. I can the authors point of view to an extent but also find some loopholes immediately. In stating that allowing students to carry only encourages shooters to target areas that would likely not have armed individuals is (in my opinion) a weak argument that can easily be countered. Overall, it was an interesting viewpoint to have on the topic and I wonder if we’ll see more anti-gun articles that point to past school shootings for evidence in the future.


  2. I think it was a very cool idea to start with a post that is anti CC. I honestly kind of found him to be hypocritical since he stated that he even has a CC Permit, and owns many guns. I don’t think his argument is strong in stating that the shooter would target the areas that wouldn’t have armed people, because quite frankly that does not make any sense. The shooter is trying to cause harm, or get attention, and they will do that whether someone is armed or not. I think this was a great article to start with, and I am excited to see what others have to say about this.


  3. This sounds like a very interesting article. The authors definitely states issues that I have not ever heard of. It is interesting to learn that new information. I agree with Kris and Ella that the author does seem a little hypocritical and makes the article sound confusing. It is good to learn about why someone would be against the concealed carry on campuses, but it sounds like the author did not do this in the best way.


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