Overview of Concealed Carry: The Only Way to Discourage Mass School Shootings.

Nadia Nedzel’s article, “Concealed Carry: The Only Way to Discourage Mass School Shootings” (2014), suggests that there needs to be more people that have concealed carry in order to stop mass school shootings from happening. Nedzel backs up this claim with descriptions of the law, how gun-free zones have increased shootings, and how gun laws are ineffective. Nedzel’s purpose is to point out how the current system is not working to prevent mass school shootings in order to change the mind of the readers to consider concealed carry. Given the academic language used in this article, Nedzel is writing to a well-educated audience who have a good sense of the conversation around gun control and concealed carry.

This article really got me thinking about the pros of concealed carry. The article talked about how the current law needs be changed in her opinion. There is a law that prohibits guns on a school zone, although there are many exceptions to this law Nedzel still thinks it needs to be changed. This article also stated how mass shootings have actually increased since gun-free school zones where implemented. This is a point that I have never heard before I read this article. Nedzel also stated that current gun laws have been proven ineffective. She goes into detail about how she thinks that they are ineffective and only cause harm rather good. This article was really helpful to see this side of the argument for concealed carry. Nedzel stated several good points that I have not heard before. I hear a lot about cons of concealed carry and how we need more gun control, but I have not heard about the good things with gun control. I wish the author of this article included the counter arguments to her claim and why they are inaccurate. I feel that this would have made the article even more persuasive towards someone like me who had mixed feelings at first.

-Bre Jessen

Nedzel, Nadia. “Concealed Carry: The Only Way To Discourage Mass School Shootings.” Academic Questions 27.4 (2014): 429-435. Academic Search Premier. Web. 2 Feb. 2017.


3 thoughts on “Overview of Concealed Carry: The Only Way to Discourage Mass School Shootings.

  1. This sounds like an interesting article. Did the author use any statistics or data to back up the claim that more gun control leads to more gun violence? I know that many people often cite Chicago as an example of this, but wasn’t sure if your author used any real-world examples with statistical support.


  2. I think this sounds like a really great article! I love how it started a new conversation about the pro-conceal carry laws. I also wonder where the author is getting the statistics about the benefits of conceal carry laws. Overall, I think this is a really great article that argues for pro conceal carry.


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