Say no to guns on college campuses


Jade Reindl and Jean Cocco, students at Florida State University and University of South Florida, argue in their article posted on CNN in 2017 titled “Say no to guns on college campuses” that students, faculty, police, and parents are all opposed to concealed carry on college campuses and that only the gun lobby is the one promoting the idea. They support this claim by providing data of polls taken from Universities across the country and quotes taken from interviews of those who are anti-concealed carry. At the time of the articles release, the state of Florida was pushing through pro-concealed carry legislation and the authors wanted to speak up against and persuade the public to see that this legislation should not be passed. These authors were primarily speaking to those who were registered in Florida and could act immediately against these legislations, but also to anyone in the United States who could effect similar change using their voting rights.


I thought this article was particularly intriguing due to its claim that the only individuals who were pro-concealed carry were the gun lobbies. This was an interesting stance that I had never heard before and have not seen sufficient evidence to prove. Although the article did point to various polls and surveys that showed individuals were largely anti-concealed carry, many of which did not have a working link to fact check, it did not have any data to point to the gun lobbies as the acting opposition. The article did quote a Nevada legislator who was pushing forward to legalize concealed carry on college campuses, but did not say whether or not she had ties to the gun lobby or not. Also, the former NRA President was quoted in the article but the way the text read, it almost seemed as if the authors had taken a piece of the individuals words and fit it conveniently into their narrative. I did really appreciate the data this article provided in support of the anti-carry claim because many of the authors I have read who argue the same side do so strictly on emotion-based logic. However, I question the legitimacy of the claim that the gun lobby is the one solely responsible for supporting a students right to concealed carry on a college campus. I  am perfect evidence for this as I am a supporter, and I have nothing to do with the gun lobby.


Reindl, Jade, and Jean Cocco. “Say No to Guns on College Campuses (Opinion).” CNN. Cable News Network, 26 Feb. 2015. Web. 06 Feb. 2017. <;.


3 thoughts on “Say no to guns on college campuses

  1. I also read this article, and found it to be really interesting. I am very open to different conversations, and I think this article was very well written. I don’t necessarily agree with everything it stated, but it was written in a way that I can appreciate and respect.


  2. This article sounds really interesting. I also have never heard of the claim that pro-concealed carry were the gun lobbies. I found it really important that you tried to fact check this article. It also sounds like it has a lot of evidence to back up it’s claim. Overall, this sounds like a good article to read, but it needed more data that could be fact checked.


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