Allowing guns won’t make campuses safer: Overview.

John A. Fry’s article, “Allowing guns won’t make campuses safer” (2015), claims that having concealed carry on campuses will not do anything to reduce mass shootings and could even increase shooting deaths. Fry backs up this claim by stating that mass school shooting have not decreased although people with concealed carry on campuses have increased, stating that experts from Harvard found places with more guns have more murders, and that colleges are already trying to stop suicides, sexual assault, and binge drinking without adding guns into the mix. Fry’s purpose is to point out that people with concealed carry on campuses is not helping to fix any issues on campus in order to change the readers opinion on concealed carry to show them how it is not working. Given the general language used in this article, Fry is writing to anyone in the general public who cares about this topic and especially the people who are pro concealed carry.

I have been trying to find a good article that was against pro concealed carry on campuses. Most articles I found just stated “what if” situations, however this article did not use that approach at all. This article I found really interesting because he makes his claim very persuasive at first. After reading it a couple of times I realized that he did not state any facts that could be proven or any statistics. Since I am a psychology major I have learned through many of my teachers that facts and statistics are very important in order to prove something. John Fry is trying to prove that concealed carry on campuses is not improving anything and in fact is only making things worse, but he does not have anything to prove what he is saying is true. His support for his claim does not show actual statistics or actual quotes from the experts at Harvard, it’s just what he is saying. At first I found this author very persuasive and had me stumped on what my opinion is about concealed carry. After thinking about what John Fry was actually stating I realized that I need more support in order to consider his claim. Facts, statistics, and research are very important to me in order to believe something. If this author would have added more of those things in the article it would have been more persuasive in changing my views.

-Bre Jessen

Fry, John A. “Allowing guns won’t make campuses safer.” The Inquirer Daily News, 19 Oct. 2015. Web. 09 Feb. 2017.


3 thoughts on “Allowing guns won’t make campuses safer: Overview.

  1. I have come across many articles that are similar to this one as well. A lot of persuasive language and theoretical scenarios, however not a lot of data and facts to support a claim. I also like that you read through this article multiple times and were able to discern that although the author was persuasive to you at first, you personally needed more proof in order to believe the claim.


  2. I absolutely love and agree with your response to the article! I completely agree– all of the anti-conceal carry articles are mainly opinion based with no actual evidence. I think it’s really interesting we have both found that to be true.


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