Allowing concealed weapons on college campuses is a silly, and dangerous idea

The Times Editorial Board article, “Allowing concealed weapons on college campuses is a silly, and dangerous idea” (2017), asserts that college campuses are full of irrational, “alcohol-fueled teenagers”, and guns should be kept out. The Times Editorial Board backs up this claim with many different statistics, one being there were more than 50,000 firearm incidents last year, in which more than 15,000 people were killed and 31,000 more were wounded — and that doesn’t include some 22,000 suicides by gun. The article’s purpose is to point out the dangers of having students carry guns on campus in order to make a bold statement, and tell people that support conceal carry to think otherwise. By the way this article is written, the audience is mainly for current students on college campuses, and the lawmakers because the author wants to make sure conceal carry on campuses is not allowed.

I chose this article because I knew I would have very different opinions than the author. I would consider myself to be extremely open minded, but the first few sentences accused college students of being “alcohol fueled”, and almost incapable of making decisions. I took offense to this because I am a college student that works at CSUPD, and the Larimer County District Attorney’s office, and I am more than capable of making “adult decisions”. I think this author could have been more thoughtful when they were writing, and could have been more open minded to the fact that not every college student will fit the “party-animal” stereotype. In all honesty, this article was more attacking individuals instead of being informative. I have read articles that are anti-conceal carry, and I am more than willing to hear those arguments. This was just one of those articles that was extremely accusatory, and quite frankly, offensive.

– Ella Anderson

“Allowing concealed weapons on college campuses is a silly, and dangerous idea.” Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles Times, 17 Jan. 2017. Web. 10 Feb. 2017.


3 thoughts on “Allowing concealed weapons on college campuses is a silly, and dangerous idea

  1. It is ironic that one of the author’s main argument is that college students are “alcohol-fueled teenagers” when a person has to be 21 years old to conceal carry a firearm…. I wonder if the author actually knows the law surrounding the age limit for concealed carry, or just doesn’t care and is trying to write a provocative article? I have also run into articles similar to this where the main argument is that college students aren’t mature enough to handle weapons without any real data.


  2. I also have the same feelings as you do, it is very frustrating when people claim that college students are “alcohol fueled teenagers”. This author sounds like they do not think very highly of students in college and thinks that we are incapable of big responsibility. Although the audience is directed towards college students the author doesn’t use language that would persuade them to think differently. The only thing that it sounded like this article has is some facts to try to back up the claim, unlike other anti concealed articles I have read. Overall, it sounds like this article was good to read for some of the facts stated, but also not a very good persuasive article.


  3. I think it is crazy that in most of article like this one the main argument is that college kids are irresponsible. The people who write these article do not back up there claims. I think sometimes these articles can be misleading to many people.


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