Guns on Campus Make Colleges Less Safe

Javier Auyero’s article “Guns on Campus Make Colleges Less Safe” (2016) claims that if we permit guns on college campuses then the men and women of universities will become too comfortable with guns. Auyero backs up his argument with an interview from William H. McRaven a chancellor at the University of Texas who was a formal Navy SEAL. He explains how even a trained SEAL does not want CC on college Campuses. Auyero’s purpose is to convince people that it is not a good idea to allow CC on campus. Auyero states that it will make campuses much more dangerous if these laws were permitted to try and persuade people to be against this. The attended audience for this argument is fellow educators and students at universities. He uses language to suggest everyone is in this together. He is writing to hopefully change the minds of students who are on the fence about this subject.


Here is another article about concealed carry on college campuses making the learning environment unsafe and putting many people at risk. Javier Auryero is an educator at the University of Texas where the bill to permit concealed carry on college campus was just passed last year wich makes him a stakeholder in this discussion. In his article he tries to argue that by permitting guns on campus will make every one more comfortable with guns, and this somehow translates to people not being able to share ideas freely. This in my opinion was very abstract and the fact that he had nothing else to back this up just goes to show his supporting evidence had no value. Even though Auryero’s arguments had no support it was still  a good way to see what people feel on the other side of the argument for CC on college campuses.


Auyero, Javier. “Guns on Campus Make Colleges Less.” The Opinions Page. NY Times, 31 May 2016. Web. 9 Feb. 2017


3 thoughts on “Guns on Campus Make Colleges Less Safe

  1. I’m kind of confused how the author is logically arguing that people being more comfortable with guns is a bad thing? If he is referring to people not treating guns safely and the potential for accidents to occur, I could understand. But I know that’s not the stance he is taking. Whenever I read an article that alludes to everyone being on one side of the argument and only crazy people don’t agree, I automatically have negative feelings towards it. It seems like this was the case in this article and makes the source unreliable in my opinion.


  2. I read this article after you posted about it because I was missing the connection between being comfortable around guns, and having guns be extremely dangerous. I found his article to be weak because he didn’t have a lot of evidence to back up his claim, but it was an interesting article.


  3. This article sounds very interesting and takes stance I have never heard of before. I have never heard that concealed carry on campuses will make people too comfortable with guns. I like articles that have interviews included in them, but I think this article would have been more persuasive if it had an interview with more than one person. It sounds like if he had more evidence to back up his claim this article would have been effective.


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