Lawmaker takes aim at allowing guns on college campuses

Tim Farley’s article, “Lawmaker takes aim at allowing guns on college campuses” (2017), asserts that college campuses are a dangerous place to begin with, so allowing individuals to protect themselves only makes sense. Farley backs up this statement by including many interviews with the lawmaker, one quote standing out and stating, “You can’t have enough firepower out there ‘cause they (criminals) have more guns than we do.” Farley’s purpose is to point out the positive ways conceal carry laws can benefit individuals in order to strengthen his argument, and convince the opposite audience. Given the professional nature of this article, Farley’s audience is anybody that is interested in the political side of conceal carry on campuses, and law enforcement.

I found this article to be really informative, but also understanding of other opinions. I liked how the author included interviews of the main stakeholder, and one of the interviews stated how law enforcement would want to be proactive, and know who is carrying on their college campuses. I agreed with this article in the fact that college campuses are going to be dangerous no matter what, so having trained individuals that go through a thorough background check, and are able to protect themselves and the community at large would be extremely beneficial. I loved the quotes that this author brought in. They are very pro law enforcement, and sound like they have personal experience with law. I wonder how the community reacts to this article, since it is very pro law enforcement, and pro conceal carry. I also question how the department would do the background checks. Where would they draw the line of an individual not being able to carry? How are they going to maintain being proactive, and keeping an eye out on the individual’s that do carry?

– Ella Anderson

Farley, Tim. “Lawmaker takes aim at allowing guns on college campuses.” Red Dirt Report. N.p., 09 Feb. 2017. Web. 10 Feb. 2017.


3 thoughts on “Lawmaker takes aim at allowing guns on college campuses

  1. This is an interesting article because up to this point, all of the articles we have read almost make it sound as if law enforcement across the country are anti-concealed carry. We have heard that in the unfortunate event of a shooting, police would be confused who the good guys and bad guys are. I think it’s really cool that you found this article with a different law enforcement perspective. Do you have any ideas on how they could be “proactive” by knowing who carries? Could you think of something that would work at your office here at CSU?


  2. It sounds like this article was very informative. I really like articles that have interviews because it adds more perspectives than the authors. It also sounds like this author used a lot of support to back up his claim, which I think is very important to have. I agree with Kris that I also think it’s very good that you found an article with a different law enforcement perspective! Overall, I think this sounds like an amazing article.


  3. this is an interesting article because like Kris said most of the article i have read have had the view of law enforcement not for CC but this brings up some interesting points.


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