The Top Four Reasons to Carry Concealed on Campus


In John Archer’s Article titled “The Top Four Reasons to Carry Concealed on Campus”, He argues that college students are not idiots, but self-aware responsible adults. John backs up his argument by laying out 4 main reasons that is CC on college campuses is a good thing. Archer’s purpose is to point out that college students are more that capable of handling a weapon. Also how it is no different to be carrying a gun on campus rather than any public situation. Given the language and format of this article Archer is writing to anyone who wants to learn more about this topic.

In my opinion I liked this article a lot. The stance that Archer takes on this subject is a good way to talk about this subject. In this article Archer lays out 4 reasons why it is a good idea to conceal carry on campus. He did this very clearly and concisely. I also liked how Archer gave some common examples of arguments against guns on campus. He mentioned ways these arguments have no value to them and are unsupported. I also liked he gave credit to college students/CC license holders credit for being responsible. There were many things I liked about this article however, there were some thing I did not like as so much. For example some of his points were very brief and didn’t have much to them. I think he could have went more in depth with some rock solid examples to drive his point home.


Archer, John. “The Top Four Reasons to Carry Concealed on Campus.” American Concealed. American Concealed Inc., 03 Oct. 2016. Web. 09 Feb. 2017.


3 thoughts on “The Top Four Reasons to Carry Concealed on Campus

  1. I liked that the author encouraged the reader to see (in his opinion) that a college aged student carrying on campus was the same as carrying in a public location. For many people, a 21 year old legally concealed carrying a firearm isn’t an issue if they are in public. But for some reason, as soon as that same person steps onto a college campus, things change dramatically. I don’t think that’s sound logic. I also wish the author would have backed up his claims more with facts and statistics. It would have given his argument much more validity and strength.


  2. This sounds like a really interesting article! I like that the author have his main reasons to back up his claim. I liked that this author had the point of view that college students are responsible and capable, a lot of anti concealed articles will state how uncapable college students are. It is nice to find an author that thinks differently in that aspect. I think that this author makes a lot of good points, it sounds like a really good article that you found!


  3. I really liked this article! It was encouraging to know that there are other individuals that believe college students are capable, and responsible people. He had great reasons to back up his claim, and in my opinion, I agree with him.


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