It’s about time for Texas’ guns on campus law

John Lott’s article titled “It’s about time for Texas’ guns on campus law” (2016) argues that it has been too long for this legislation to come into play. Lott backs up his claim with examples and statistics of how gun violence is not fueled by people that have their concealed carry permit. John Lott is writing this article to shine some light on how arguments for gun control do not hold up, these arguments have little value and can be offensive. Lott uses language that can be understood by al people. He is writing to an audience that may not be well educated on this subject, the way he uses language he could potentially gain supporters.

In this article John Lott is for the new legislation passed at the University of Texas this past year allowing students to conceal carry on the campus there. I personally really liked this article because he calls out many arguments against CC that I have encountered through researching this topic and did not agree with. Such as alcohol fueled violence, and how college students are nowhere capable of being responsible with a gun. He gives the reader something to think about when he states how these arguments are nothing more than hypotheticals that have never actually happened. He also gives data from Europe, where he explains how 98 percent of shootings in Europe have been I areas where there is strict gun control laws. Adding to the argument that gun control only effects the law abiding citizen not the bad guys. I also really liked how Lott went about his argument in a professional matter. I think that added to his argument and opened the doors for people who are unsure about this topic.


Lott, John. “It’s about Time for Texas’ Guns on Campus Law.” Fox News. FOX News Network, 1 Aug. 2016. Web. 17 Feb. 2017.


3 thoughts on “It’s about time for Texas’ guns on campus law

  1. I think that it is interesting how the author used Europe as an example of how “gun-free zones” do not stop gun violence. This is an argument I have heard many times that has facts and statistics to back up the claim. It is also reassuring that someone is speaking out against the hypothetical scenarios that I have come across all too often when researching this topic.


  2. I agree with you and Kris. I think that it is very interesting about using data from Europe. This sounds like a really good article and stated the counterargument. I found articles really information and useful when they state the counterargument and why it’s false. It is also refreshing to see someone who doesn’t think that college students are just “alcohol fueled”. Overall, it sounds like a really good article and really informative.


  3. This sounds like a really interesting article! I agree with the two comments above about the European argument in that it is interesting how the author used another country to make comparisons. The article sounds very informative, and I really liked how the author counteracted the alcohol fueled comment.


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