New Research Confirms Guns on College Campuses are Dangerous

Samantha Michael’s article, “New Research Confirms Guns on College Campuses are Dangerous” (2016), argues that concealed carry on campus does not get rid of campus shooters, and may lead to other violence. Michael’s backs up this claim by including many facts, one being that only 13 percent of mass shootings from 2009 to 2015 occurred in gun-free or gun-restricted zones. Michael’s purpose is to point out that even though campuses have gun free zones, this still doesn’t stop shootings from happening, and having other people carry can cause even more harm. Given the language of this article, Michael is writing to an educated audience, most likely college students, and anybody that is interested in the topic.

I found this article to be very interesting. Throughout my research on this topic, I’ve read a lot of anti-conceal carry articles. This one was like most others, but Michael’s actually had evidence to back up her claim. I can completely respect that, and I now have some facts to go off of. I appreciated that this was the last article I read for this project, and that this article was very well written even though I still have other views on the conversation. After my research on this topic, I am still pro-conceal carry, but this article did give facts to back up her claim, and I can respect that. Now I wonder how other people are feeling about people conceal carry on campuses, and if they are against it, why?

Michaels, Samantha. “New research confirms that letting college kids carry guns on campus is a terrible idea.” Mother Jones. N.p., 2 Nov. 2016. Web. 19 Feb. 2017.


3 thoughts on “New Research Confirms Guns on College Campuses are Dangerous

  1. This sounds like a very interesting article! The author’s claim is one that I have read before in many other articles but none of them have ever backed it up with evidence. It is nice to see that those are actually facts and that there is an article that is anti-concealed carry that has evidence to back it up. This sounds like a really informative article and a really good one to read for your last article!


  2. I like that this article provided statistics and data to back up it’s claim and wasn’t so emotional like many other anti-concealed carry articles. Did the author describe the definition of a “mass shooting” or leave it up to the reader to determine what this statistic looked at on a practical sense? Did this article convince you to possibly start seeing some need for laws that are in support of anti-concealed carry.


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