It’s about time for Texas’ guns on campus law

John Lott’s article titled “It’s about time for Texas’ guns on campus law” (2016) argues that it has been too long for this legislation to come into play. Lott backs up his claim with examples and statistics of how gun violence is not fueled by people that have their concealed carry permit. John Lott is writing this article to shine some light on how arguments for gun control do not hold up, these arguments have little value and can be offensive. Lott uses language that can be understood by al people. He is writing to an audience that may not be well educated on this subject, the way he uses language he could potentially gain supporters.

In this article John Lott is for the new legislation passed at the University of Texas this past year allowing students to conceal carry on the campus there. I personally really liked this article because he calls out many arguments against CC that I have encountered through researching this topic and did not agree with. Such as alcohol fueled violence, and how college students are nowhere capable of being responsible with a gun. He gives the reader something to think about when he states how these arguments are nothing more than hypotheticals that have never actually happened. He also gives data from Europe, where he explains how 98 percent of shootings in Europe have been I areas where there is strict gun control laws. Adding to the argument that gun control only effects the law abiding citizen not the bad guys. I also really liked how Lott went about his argument in a professional matter. I think that added to his argument and opened the doors for people who are unsure about this topic.


Lott, John. “It’s about Time for Texas’ Guns on Campus Law.” Fox News. FOX News Network, 1 Aug. 2016. Web. 17 Feb. 2017.


The Top Four Reasons to Carry Concealed on Campus


In John Archer’s Article titled “The Top Four Reasons to Carry Concealed on Campus”, He argues that college students are not idiots, but self-aware responsible adults. John backs up his argument by laying out 4 main reasons that is CC on college campuses is a good thing. Archer’s purpose is to point out that college students are more that capable of handling a weapon. Also how it is no different to be carrying a gun on campus rather than any public situation. Given the language and format of this article Archer is writing to anyone who wants to learn more about this topic.

In my opinion I liked this article a lot. The stance that Archer takes on this subject is a good way to talk about this subject. In this article Archer lays out 4 reasons why it is a good idea to conceal carry on campus. He did this very clearly and concisely. I also liked how Archer gave some common examples of arguments against guns on campus. He mentioned ways these arguments have no value to them and are unsupported. I also liked he gave credit to college students/CC license holders credit for being responsible. There were many things I liked about this article however, there were some thing I did not like as so much. For example some of his points were very brief and didn’t have much to them. I think he could have went more in depth with some rock solid examples to drive his point home.


Archer, John. “The Top Four Reasons to Carry Concealed on Campus.” American Concealed. American Concealed Inc., 03 Oct. 2016. Web. 09 Feb. 2017.

Guns on Campus Make Colleges Less Safe

Javier Auyero’s article “Guns on Campus Make Colleges Less Safe” (2016) claims that if we permit guns on college campuses then the men and women of universities will become too comfortable with guns. Auyero backs up his argument with an interview from William H. McRaven a chancellor at the University of Texas who was a formal Navy SEAL. He explains how even a trained SEAL does not want CC on college Campuses. Auyero’s purpose is to convince people that it is not a good idea to allow CC on campus. Auyero states that it will make campuses much more dangerous if these laws were permitted to try and persuade people to be against this. The attended audience for this argument is fellow educators and students at universities. He uses language to suggest everyone is in this together. He is writing to hopefully change the minds of students who are on the fence about this subject.


Here is another article about concealed carry on college campuses making the learning environment unsafe and putting many people at risk. Javier Auryero is an educator at the University of Texas where the bill to permit concealed carry on college campus was just passed last year wich makes him a stakeholder in this discussion. In his article he tries to argue that by permitting guns on campus will make every one more comfortable with guns, and this somehow translates to people not being able to share ideas freely. This in my opinion was very abstract and the fact that he had nothing else to back this up just goes to show his supporting evidence had no value. Even though Auryero’s arguments had no support it was still  a good way to see what people feel on the other side of the argument for CC on college campuses.


Auyero, Javier. “Guns on Campus Make Colleges Less.” The Opinions Page. NY Times, 31 May 2016. Web. 9 Feb. 2017

Concealed in Our Classrooms

Nate Kreuter’s article “Concealed in Our Classrooms” suggests that it should be unlawful to permit the caring of a firearm on campus. He is against permitting students to carry on college campuses. Kreuter backs up his claim by giving examples of how this will negatively effect the situation if an active shooter was prominent on a college campus. Kreuter’s purpose of his argument is to point out a few ways that students with guns on campus is a bad thing. He does this to persuade anybody who is on the fence about this subject. Given the logical way Kreuter goes about his argument and the way he uses technical language, I would say that he is writing to fellow teachers and faculty at the university he teaches at.

I wanted to start off with an article that is against concealed carry on college campuses since I am for CC on college campuses. I think this article was good in the fact that Nate Kreuter is a professor at Western Californian University, where concealed carry is not permitted on the campus. This makes him a stakeholder in this issue. I thought it was interesting that he has guns and a CC permit himself but is against the matter. I think he had a good point when he said by having civilians acting on a scene just creates more confusion, however I would’ve liked to see him go more in depth and cite additional sources. All and all a fair article.

Kreuter, Nate. “Concealed in Our Classrooms.” The Key Arguments for Concealed Carry on Campuses Don’t Hold up. Inside Higher Education, 2 Apr. 2016. Web. 03 Feb. 2017.