Travis Lest

Hi my name is Travis. I am a second year student at CSU currently pursuing a degree in Construction Management. I am from Beulah Colorado a small town in the southern part of the state. Some of the thing I like to do on my free time are pretty much anything to do with the outdoors. I enjoy trying new things and learning about new topics. I have been around guns my entire life. My family members are all members of the NRA. I hold the right to own/carry a weapon very sacred. Although I am not old enough to concealed carry. I am looking forward to the day when I can. This is why I consider myself a stakeholder in this argument. Although I am strongly for CC on college campuses I am very open and interested to see other sides of the argument.



Ella Anderson

My name is Ella Anderson and I am a second year student at CSU. I am majoring in Social Work, and plan on going to the Police Academy once I graduate. I am originally from Northern California, and developed a passion for Law Enforcement at the age of 15. I joined my local Police Department’s Explorer Program at that age, and quickly fell in love with it. By the time I graduated high school, I ranked up to Sergeant and was leading the post. I have a passion for concealed carry on campuses because I have been exposed to the inhumane side of society, and I think it’s important to explore this controversial conversation.


Bre Jessen

My name is Bre Jessen. I am senior at Colorado State University. My major is in psychology and I have a minor in criminology. I am currently trying to plan what graduate programs I am going to apply to. I have lived in Colorado my whole life, I absolutely love being near the mountains. With studying psychology and criminology the last three years I have heard a lot of discussion with gun control. I am very interested in forensic psychology or becoming a criminologist. Concealed carry on campus is something that I definitely want to learn more about.


Kris Tive

Hello, my name is Kris Tive and I am an International Studies undergraduate student at Colorado State University. I first attended CSU from 2009-2011 but then decided enlisted in the United States Army and was stationed in Fort Hood, Texas. I am a former Sergeant (E-5) and worked as an Intelligence Analyst from 2011-2015. During my time in the Army I was trained in the safe and effective use of firearms and feel very comfortable with them. After moving back from Texas to Colorado, I applied and received my Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit and currently carry my weapon on campus everyday. I am very interested in exploring this topic and hearing both sides of the argument so that I may better understand individual’s concerns and thought’s surrounding this issue.